Second Place Finish on Lake Eufaula Oklahoma

Eufaula Lake water was very dirty during the recent fishing tournament - no thanks to all of the rain we’ve had here in Oklahoma. It looked like chocolate milk!  A major key to finding success on this huge, murky lake was to find the clearest water possible. I found a few spots with clear water, one of which was very successful in the morning only throwing top water style baits. 

Another factor that was not in my favor was the frequently dropping water level. This affected me because I found a spot where a bunch of bushes were flooded and I was catching decently size fish, but the dropping water was ruining this pattern due to the fact that the bushes were going to become completely emerged from the water by tournament day. It took 14.14lbs to take second place in this tournament, only losing by less than 1 pound.

These were the products that I used to lead me to a second place finish on Lake Eufaula:

  • My second place finish on Lake Eufaula came on two key baits: Strike King Buzz bait and a Gene Larew Punch-out Craw.
  • The buzz bait was chartreuse and white with a white Keitech swimbait trailer.
  • I threw the buzz bait on a Kistler Carbon Steel 7 foot swimbait/frog rod paired with an Ardent 7.3.1 Apex pro reel, with 65 pound Sea-Gar braid.
  • The punch-out craw was green pumpkin with blue flake, I used a ¼ tungsten weight that I pegged, and with a Trokar 4 ought big nasty flipping hook.
  • I threw the punch-out craw on a Kistler Helium 3 M.A.D 7’11 flipping stick paired with an Ardent 7.1 Apex magnesium reel, with 20lb flipping Sea-Gar fluorocarbon line.