What's In My Tackle Box - Post Spawn

This time a year when the bass finish spawning, I mainly try to focus on the shad spawn, blue gill spawn, and the fish that moved out deep earlier than most.

This time of year some of the colored baits I lean towards are green pumpkin, chartreuse, silver, white, black, red, and blue. Some key baits I keep close are soft plastics that mimic a baitfish or crawdad. The main hard baits I use are chatter baits, top waters, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits. 

After the fish spawn, they tend to shift into a strange period in which they don’t know what to do; eat to gain all their weight back, move deep, or even follow the baitfish. They get really hard to catch when they go into this state.

The shad spawn only occur at certain points in the day which is early in the morning or right before it gets dark. Only in very lowlight times, sometimes you’ll get lucky on a cloudy day. Top waters are very affective at this time.

The Blue Gill, like bass, make beds in very shallow areas around cover. This is where soft plastics come in handy, I mainly focus on flipping around whatever shallow cover I can find whether that be docks, bushes, lay downs or rocks. These are some of the ways I catch bass and the baits that I live by during the post spawn.